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I was disapointed to pay AGAIN! the 27.50€ when DHL delivered me the item.
Shippement of 27.5€ was part of the bill, nothing was telling me I have to pay again this amount which is already high. The item I bough was 30€, adding twice 27.50€ for shippement is crasy.
Eric P. le 18/1/2021 à 14h51
Hello Mr Poinsignon

The additional charge is because of Brexit.

You must now pay Customs Duties in your country for incoming products from the UK.

But also, please note that we do not charge you VAT, our normal purchase tax, since we left the EU. If the UK were still in the EU we would include VAT at 20% so your product would be more expensive to purchase. But you would pay no duties.

I think they will come close to balancing out, so you will pay roughly the same now as you would have paid before Brexit.

Sincerely, Jack Gold
Director, Warmthru. le 19/1/2021 à 12h41