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They have not arrived as of 15.46 on 06/05/22.
Rod H. le 6/5/2022 à 16h47
Hello Mr Hawkins, hopefully your products have arrived now. Apologies for the delay. le 15/5/2022 à 07h04
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You wanted a review. Well, OK. The product I ordered (that is still shown on the website) is no longer available. Advised it would be replaced with another product. Many days later - IT STILL HASN'T arrived. It's massively overpriced - in China, exactly the same battery is a fraction of the price. Not the mention the equally very high delivery charged for a small and light item.

Anyway, I STILL DON'T have it... and how annoying is it when merchants bug one for reviews.
Anthony D. le 3/12/2021 à 22h18
Hi, apologies for not sending out. Tbh we lost your communication trai! It happens occasionally. Sometimes your reply to a query from us may end up in junk mail. Or (in this case 'ADT') your email responsecould be mistaken for a commercial email. Either way we missed your reply. No excuses, just possible reasons. Your accessories will be despatched frst working day from now which is Monday 6th December.

Here was our initial reply to you to which we don't seem to have had a response?

Dear Mr Dinsdale

Thanks for your Order from Warmthru.

You purchased your vest in 2017. We no longer stock the larger battery for your vest.

Instead we are supplying two smaller batteries which together offer more time and the same heat and fit the pocket more easily.

An adaptor will also be supplied which fits on to the pocket cable. A new twin-jack charger will also be supplied. Charge both batteries at the same time.

Jack Gold
Director, Warmthru
. le 5/12/2021 à 16h46