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Avec plus de 60 ans d'expérience dans la fabrication de bracelets en cuivre et maintenant plus récemment de bracelets magnétiques, Sabona continue d'offrir qualité et choix à ses clients, anciens et nouveaux. Les bracelets Sabona sont recommandés dans le monde entier comme un soulagement naturel des maux et des douleurs

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Suffolk IP17 2NL
Avis client
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9th June and still haven't recieved my order 6 days after ordering.
Frank G. le 9/6/2020 à 16h52
Avis client
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I do not gave thge bracelet yet. Where is it?
James S. le 14/4/2020 à 18h40
Dear customer,

Your order has been shipped on 14th as you ordered on 9th in the evening.
Because of the Easter Bank Holidays until Monday the earliest we could send your order was yeaterday. I do hope you understand the timeline around the Easter Holidays and would have been kind if you could wait another few more days to leave negative review like this.
The Royal Mail delivery has been slower last a few weeks as you can expected so it might not even delivered to you this week.
Many thanks
Custotmer service.
Sabona le 15/4/2020 à 12h40
Avis client
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I didn't get it yet.
Sherif G. le 1/10/2019 à 13h51
Avis client
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You should be quicker on send the item to me than to send me a review request. How can I review an item that I don’t received yet?

It would be nice if you also provide a valid tracking number...
Ricardo P. le 20/4/2019 à 05h06
Avis client
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Not even received it yet😡
Pippa C. le 23/3/2018 à 15h16
Hi Pippa
Sorry that you have not received your order yet. Unfortunately for you, your order was placed at the weekend and was not processed until Monday. You requested MyHermes delivery option and this can take 3-5 working days and your item did not leave our offices until Tuesday, 20th March. Hopefully you will receive your order in the next few days.
Kind regards
Emma Lewis
Sabona Customer Services.
Sabona le 23/3/2018 à 16h18
Avis client
1.0 / 5
I have not yet received the bracelet nor am I able to track the shipment !!!|.
Giovanni S. le 9/5/2017 à 18h19
Avis client
1.0 / 5
Shipping moving at snail's pace. Would have been quicker with Royal Mail.
Still don't have item so can't comment on that, or customer service.
Not best pleased.
Gordon H. le 31/12/2016 à 11h33
Dear Mr Hardie

I was sorry to receive your review regarding our shipping and actually see that you received your bracelet shortly after writing your review.

MyHermes is not always the quickest form of delivery but it is a courier service. Your order was placed on 26th December and sent to you on the first available date of 28th December and it arrived in the specified time of delivery.

Kind regards
Emma Lewis
Office Manager.
Sabona le 4/1/2017 à 11h24
Avis client
1.0 / 5
It has not yet been received ???
And the belief that you are receiving will be much faster ??
Ekrami M. le 10/4/2016 à 10h41