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Avis client
3.7 / 5
Post Nord is not good.
Thomas C. le 20/12/2019 à 08h01
Please check tracking sent on dispatch. Two attempted deliveries to your Denmark address, two days after dispatch - Both reported not in and left cards - Have left pack at local DPD pickup depot. Have emailed you details.
Troutcatchers le 23/12/2019 à 07h43
Avis client
3.7 / 5
I fished with these last Saturday. The larger Fulling Mill popper was of good quality. The smaller “trout” poppers were not good quality. I tried three different ones and the foam faces hadn’t been cut accurately resulting in them dragging across the surface as opposed to popping and making the bloop bloop noise that attracts the fish.
Willie K. le 2/12/2019 à 05h10
Thank you for your review - We dont sell 'Fulling Mill poppers'
Have tried to contact you, though without success so far to help solve.
Troutcatchers le 4/12/2019 à 15h35
Avis client
3.7 / 5
Very disappointed,The merchandise was nice but totally did not represent the actual size,XXL,54 inch chest,more of a smaller size,than what was on the label,rather than send it back I gave it to my son,on the same instance why do you not cater for the bigger man,the fly fishing club I go to are always saying they have to keep shopping around for xxxL, and xxLnot everyone are smallish people,.
Raymond P. le 21/10/2019 à 08h10
Thank you for your review, unfortunately it is not economically viable to manufacturer a, 54" Plus chest size, however we promise to pass your comments back to the supplier, & encourage them to do some further market research for future products.
Troutcatchers le 24/10/2019 à 15h28
Avis client
3.7 / 5
Easy to access website. Very competitive prices. Slight problem with the shipping. Customer service is excellent.
Ken D. le 13/10/2019 à 16h28
Thank you for your review and kind words about us - We got there in the end with courier, sorry again it was a day later than estimated.
Troutcatchers le 14/10/2019 à 15h39
Avis client
3.7 / 5
Turrel Daddy Dark - DL14
Paul B. le 29/9/2019 à 09h48
Thank you for your review, you gave a 5 star rating for the product which you seemed delighted, tracking indicates your item arrived less than 24 hours after ordering - will contact you to find out why you gave this score so we can gain a 5 star service score next time.
Troutcatchers le 2/10/2019 à 11h19
Avis client
3.7 / 5
IBrze mallard poor. I thought that I was getting a better quality than Veniard . They were thin and wispy and not really suitable fhem !!or my purpose - which was rolled wings for Connemara Blacks. They kept breaking up as I tried to roll.
David E. le 14/7/2019 à 10h54
Thank you for your 5 star service review - Not sure why the 1 star for the Mallard, normally an extremely reliable product and a top seller - Will contact you.
Troutcatchers le 17/7/2019 à 19h56
Avis client
3.7 / 5
Perfect Merchandise and Customer Service but Shipping in Italy too slow.
Luca C. le 30/4/2019 à 08h11
Thank you for your review, your order was delivered within 5 working days, tracking (RV476569583GB) confirms delivery within the promised EU 4 - 7 working days.
- Ordered: 15 April 2019 | 22:04
- Dispatched: 16 April 2019 | 13:54
- Item Received : 23 April 2019 | 11:11
We are sorry you feel this was too long. We can deliver quicker, though would have to use a more expensive expedited courier service of which we are happy to quote on your next order.
Troutcatchers le 30/4/2019 à 10h28
Avis client
3.7 / 5
All good...Thank you.
However it would seem that many companies are moving towards next day delivery.
I use Amazon Prime when ever possible. Perhaps a similar service would put your company ahead of your competition. Just a thought!
Chris Sandford.
Chris Sandford. le 20/1/2019 à 12h17
Thank you Chris for your review & suggestion. We offer a service comparable or better than Amazon - you can choose 'Guaranteed UK Next Day service' on all items, not just a selected few.
The service you chose, 'standard post' included,'24 hour dispatch - first class tracked' the tracking this review is associated was delivered within 21 hours of ordering. - You ordered, 14 Jan 2019 | 10:50 - Dispatched 14 Jan 2019 | 12:03 - Delivered 15 Jan | 08:01 - Hope this helps.
Troutcatchers le 22/1/2019 à 10h56
Avis client
3.7 / 5
Good product that arrived in 2 days. Can't comment on customer service as I've not had to deal with them. I would recommend this company from my experience.
Debbie M. le 5/12/2018 à 08h46
Thank you for your review - RE Service we believe most score on availability & description (we've live stock) - Price (you enjoyed best price on web) - Post (you received post subsidised / tracked within a working day) - Communication - Security - etc. Hope this helps.
Troutcatchers le 6/12/2018 à 09h15
Avis client
3.0 / 5
Poor quality - too small even with the largest - poor design - fold-back fingers tangled in the line.
Peter Allen. le 29/11/2018 à 11h24
Thank you for your review, you stated the XL was too small which caused design issue - apologies there is not a larger size, happy for you to return for a refund. Have contacted you.
Troutcatchers le 3/12/2018 à 05h59
Avis client
3.7 / 5
All good.
Jim d. le 26/10/2018 à 14h35
Avis client
3.3 / 5
Paid extra for next day delivery took 3 days.
David h. le 26/4/2018 à 16h19
Apologies for Royal Mail not delivering next day. Checked tracking, there was an attempted next day delivery, but clearly never happened, not sure if you were out, or another reason? If you had contacted us we could possibly have done something. We have also tried to contact you after you left this review, but have yet to have a reply.
Troutcatchers le 29/4/2018 à 12h53
Avis client
3.3 / 5
Nearly 30%of the order was taken up with postage and packaging l find to much and won’t be shopping with you again.
Bill R. le 24/1/2018 à 11h23
Thank you for your review. As discussed, the items, despite the cost of them, when posted are sized so that Royal Mail charge a packet price of £3.40 you paid £3.29 - We cannot subsidise anymore. The more £ you purchase, the less the % post you would pay.
Hope this helps.
Troutcatchers le 27/1/2018 à 17h00
Avis client
3.7 / 5
Did not glow very convincingly.
David M. le 21/12/2017 à 09h05
Thank you for the 5 star Shipping & Service reviews. The item you purchased is a UV item, not a Glow item. We have contacted you with further details, and option to exchange.
Troutcatchers le 24/12/2017 à 11h13
Avis client
3.0 / 5
Troutcatchers good, products not so good.
Rob K. le 27/11/2017 à 23h36
Thank you for your kind words though disappointed that you did not contact us before posting your review; your product dissatisfaction could easily have been resolved, perusing your product reviews it looks like a knowledge issue rather than any fault.
We have contacted you to help.
Troutcatchers le 30/11/2017 à 15h38
Avis client
3.7 / 5
The fulling mill hooks are excellent as always but I think the cost of postage is too high. My order could have been sent in a small envelope especially if the hooks were in small plastic bags which cost less than a penny each.
Roy M. le 24/10/2017 à 02h06
Thank you for your review. Fulling Mil pack the items in a small plastic tub, they used to be in small bags, unfortunately these leaked / lost hooks as they split. The post charge reflects cost of posting using Royal Mail.
Troutcatchers le 24/10/2017 à 09h10
Avis client
3.0 / 5
Not really what i was looking for. Of limited usefulness.
Peter G. le 21/10/2017 à 09h42
Hello Peter after speaking to you and looking at previous orders you may be after the Streamer Wing. Have sent you a link. Please return other items if you wish.
Troutcatchers le 21/10/2017 à 10h21
Avis client
3.0 / 5
Incorrect goods sent!
Denis S. le 5/9/2017 à 11h58
Apologies for the picking error with the pack of hooks amongst your large order of materials - All resolved in less than 24 hours - The material you wanted us to source for your Humungus fly is the Cactus Chenille -
Troutcatchers le 8/9/2017 à 08h44
Avis client
3.7 / 5
They are ok ,Don't wow you but will do the job.
Nigel E. le 1/4/2017 à 09h15
Avis client
3.3 / 5
Quick and neat delivery.
O. C. le 9/12/2016 à 14h01
Avis client
3.7 / 5
This patch is over priced for wot it is.
Ian m. le 21/9/2016 à 12h21
Thank you for review especially 5 stars for service and shipping - Item is designed to hang from a zinger to dry a dry fly - easy convenience. Price reflects natural product & processing - used for centuries, sold 1000's If still unhappy please return for refund.
Troutcatchers le 22/9/2016 à 19h43
Avis client
3.3 / 5
Arrived quickly,delivery notification very good. Items as described.
Caz R. le 10/5/2016 à 10h42
Avis client
3.7 / 5
All good from numerous purchase,s apart from the bobbin holder which is useless.
John m. le 28/2/2016 à 09h02
Thank you for your review - as promised we have replaced. Sorry again the original was faulty.
Troutcatchers le 29/2/2016 à 21h07
Avis client
3.7 / 5
Ordered two packs of hooks sent in separate packets charged twice for post.
Leslie c. le 30/1/2016 à 00h29
Thank you for your review. You placed two separate orders, we sent two separate packs, so two different post charges.
To save post cost, place one order with all your items. If you make an order error, let us know before we dispatch, we are more than happy to help rectify.
Troutcatchers le 30/1/2016 à 15h11
Avis client
3.7 / 5
Good service. some of the things were out of stock, but after few hours i got a mail about this... dont mind waiting a few extra days as long as i get informed... Keep up the good work :).
Lars m. le 12/1/2016 à 05h18
Avis client
3.3 / 5
Eddie c. le 17/11/2015 à 15h43
Thank you for your review Mr Coyle - We have checked as discussed on the phone, and to clarify:-
Your order was placed Saturday 7th Nov. You ordered the budget 2nd class service for your order. Posted Monday 9th November (first working day from weekend). Royal Mail quote circa 3 days to deliver. We are happy to provide proof of postage.
Unfortunately the service chosen we cannot guarantee delivery, only dispatch time. We do offer 1st class Royal Mail and Guaranteed next day, Signed For etc. services as you progress through the checkout if you are in a rush. We are also happy, upon request to quote you for any other bespoke service required.
Once again apologies for the delay with the Royal Mail service - we do have many thousands of reviews saying the service we provide is quick - but as with all post, we do have to rely on 3rd parties.
Hope this helps you and your friend.
Troutcatchers le 17/11/2015 à 18h12