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AdresseWellington House, The Square
Sheriff Hutton, York , YO60 6QY
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3.7 / 5
Christmas volume was probably the issue but the delivery was not made on next working day which was disappointing.

Family member loved the present.

Card did not go through first time. Called from Australia and asked person to try again. They did and went through. Worker said oh maybe I inputted wrongly then. I would have thought he could have tried again before the need for me to make an international call. Did not apologise and just said thanks and goodbye.
Chris R. le 28/12/2018 à 23h11
Avis client
3.0 / 5
Terrible delivery that was supposed to be over night ?!!
Completely Fobbed off by the carrier that they hadn’t been supplied with enough delivery
Information and couldn’t find my address.. RUBBISH!!
The box after it arrived on day three had my entire address on .. surprise😤
Not to mention one bottle of my favourite wine was a gift for friends that went home back to Bracknell so too late ..
Joel M. le 28/12/2018 à 18h13
Avis client
3.7 / 5
Despite York Wines issuing very clear instructions to their courier that are not to leave the boxes on our doorstep (which is in clear view of the lane), their courier has on every occasion ignored the instruction to leave them out of sight behind the dustbins. We have brought this to the attention of York Wines on more than one occasion but their courier continues to ignore the request. Otherwise the service, packaging etc is superb.
Derek R. le 10/9/2018 à 08h48
Avis client
3.0 / 5
Delivery co did not even knock at my door.
Niall F. le 25/4/2018 à 14h30
Avis client
3.7 / 5
Shipping was poor, did not leave a card to let us know he could not deliver. had to make phone calls to find out what had happened. York wines Stuart was very helpful.
Philip R. le 17/8/2017 à 16h36
Avis client
3.3 / 5
Iove the wine , but it as took 4 days to receive it , nothing to do with yourself but your courier service , don't know why but some how they have been trying to leave my parcel at no 11 , in there wisdom they have relabled the parcel wrong to wrong address ???
Tania F. le 14/11/2016 à 16h40
Avis client
3.7 / 5
The young lady is a treasure, very helpful.
But your delivery service told the lady who answers phone, that delivery was on van for 5pm drop.
But alas it was delivered to neighbour the morning of due date and no note put through my door to let me know. Otherwise no complaints onlt regarding driver.
Delia havelot. le 1/11/2016 à 16h24