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Avis client
2.0 / 5
One stickholder was broken. Do you want me to send it back to you?
Best wishes Konstanze.
Konstanze S. le 29/11/2018 à 16h28
A refund has been processed. My apologies that the item was broken in the post.
Vectis Karma le 4/12/2018 à 16h33
Avis client
2.7 / 5
Service great - this time product poor.
Myles d. le 14/10/2017 à 11h07
Avis client
2.7 / 5
Received package promptly, but due to nature of packaging, many sticks were broken.
Jim Walker. le 16/12/2015 à 13h49
Thank you for your feedback. I very much appreciate your time to do so and apologise for the issue with broken sticks. If you are able to send me a photo I will arrange for a refund to be issued. Thank you Karen.
Vectis Karma le 16/12/2015 à 14h21
Avis client
2.3 / 5
The kokeshi doll looks great on the picture but unfortunately I am still waiting for the Royal airmail delivery (5 days of waiting!). They must have started using pigeons instead of airplanes as it is hard to believe that it takes more than 2 days to deliver a parcel (for the price of 21 £!) on the other side of the European continent... The flight only takes about 2-2.5 hours so the rest is mismanagement. I will leave you additional feedback as soon as I receive the package.
Petar N. le 21/4/2015 à 09h12
Email feedback from customer after parcel received....
My feedback for the website, level of service, staff communication and of course the kokeshi doll is 10/10 (brilliant!), however the postal service (not one of the vectis karma proprietary services) is 1/10 (at least it came...).
Thank you.
Vectis Karma le 25/5/2015 à 23h07