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This was for a smoke detector. It fitted exactly as advertised, but I suspect it was actually quite old stock since, although there was no date on it, there was a reference to 2008 ... and this is now 2014.

Also the battery that came with it had an expiry date of 2012, and the battery drawer appears to have lost its sticker showing the correct polarity,

So I suspect that I have bought a smoke detector that is close to its expiry date, which is a bit frustrating. Hence 3 starts only.
Christopher B. le 27/2/2014 à 12h33
I restock at least every fortnight so they should be bang up-to-date.
Our current stock shows "DATE OF MANUFACTURE 2013 JUL 12" (on the underside of the alarm).
The batteries have a date of 2018, perhaps the date on your battery is not very clear.
The battery drawer does not have a sticker showing the polarity as the + and - is embossed on the drawer thumb hole!
You can rest assured that the alarm carries a full 5 year warranty which applies from the date of purchase.
WEBNET - le 27/2/2014 à 13h27