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I have no issue with the products that are exactly as described & I completed my project but my biggest issue with matt pack is the delivery costs, its £8 everytime regardless of items, bit steep, only option given is dpd next day, why not give a 3-5 day cheaper option, I can send packages by courier 3x the size & weight of this package for the fraction of the cost, I know I'd buy tons more product from you if the delivery costs were more reasonable.
Luke L. le 27/4/2021 à 23h45
Correct. We also can send bigger and heavier for less (NOT a fraction). BUT, that is NOT for hazardous, liquid or aerosol goods. These products are more expensive to ship. If you bothered to read the website it explains all this... We do offer courier collection, you can arrange your own courier to collect at a 'fraction of the cost' if you want. But just beware, you need to check the carrier will take HAZ / Liquids / Aerosols. If you can find a carrier that will take these goods for less, let us know, we will gladly use them. UPS do, but they smash it up all the time. So have a read and research before you go bashing things incorrectly. You say DPD?? We don't even use DPD, they won't take HAZ. We could for example (as others do), put up the price of a can by a £1, then lower the shipping. Fine if you buy 4. But if someone buys 20 cans, then they are paying £20 for shipping. That's wrong. We prefer to offer the goods as low as possible and charge what we get charged for shipping. le 29/4/2021 à 09h10
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Postage is the only real issue i have, Pity.
John S. le 29/3/2021 à 23h51
As you are aware we do not set what Parcelforce charge, they do. If we could ship everywhere for a pound we would. Unfortunately they charge more for Haz / liquids / aerosols. Also certain postcodes are more, THEY set this, not us. I'm a little disappointed in you leaving this about us when shipping costs are out of our control... We could do as others and make the shipping £1, but simply add the remainder onto the product cost. This we feel is wrong, as you pay for the shipping multiple times then instead of the once. We offer a 'own courier' option. I suggest you seek your own courier and use this option in the future. le 1/4/2021 à 14h30
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Company were very good to deal with courteous and helpful unfortunately the same cannot be said for parcel force who turned out to be the most unprofessional and shambolic company i have ever dealt with resulting in a long delay and a missed deadline for myself.
Andrew s. le 8/7/2019 à 12h52